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Cleaning Day

So guess what I’m doing today?  Cleaning house!  While I’ve been on the job hunt I’ve been trying to keep busy.  I made T an inspiration board for above his computer.  He really seemed to like it and added some things to it right away.  I am sure it will grow over time.  I already have one and look at it daily.  T2 has a large dry erase board above his computer that he mostly writes reminders on but yesterday I noticed he is using it as somewhat of an inspiration board as well with little pictures and notes on it which I think is lovely! 

Here are some inspiration ideas for cleaning or for what a clean house looks like- for you and for me.  To get me going…


davidj__050I started making my bed daily and I love walking into the room with a nice clean bed.  It somehow makes the whole room look cleaner.  It gives me a sense of calm in the bedroom instead of chaos.  I am promising myself that when I start working again I will keep up with this small act.  It really only takes about 2 minutes.  It would be easier if I could get T to stack his own pillows!  (We have 3 each) (He will- it’s just not a habit yet)


fruittangerineThis is for that fresh clean smell you get when everything is all clean.  I try to buy household cleansers with great scents that linger a while.






84a548b9-087a-4ca4-b49e-da35d78c74f0What a nice spot to relax

06_canadian-house-and-home-yel_rect540Loving the sunny yellow wall in this kitchen and the crisp white countertops

13I recently sorted my hanging clothes into the following categories:  scarves, tank tops, warm weather shirts, skirts, and then the whole back is colder weather stuff I don’t use much in AZ like sweaters and coats.  I also have a hook for my robes and a space for my “around the house sweaters” for when the air-conditioning kicks on.  (Sometimes my back gets stiff if there’s a sudden change in temp from warm to cold) I have a separate section for pants and another section for scrubs (which seems like the majority of my wardrobe!) It is SO much easier to find something to wear.  I can’t even tell you the difference it has made.  I also weeded out all the clothes that don’t fit.  I even made some homemade pomanders by punching cloves into some oranges which were picked right from our backyard. 

My favorite smells are cloves, chai tea, and sage.  When any of them are mixed with orange or vanilla it is an extra sweet smell I adore! 


While browsing in an antique shop in Phoenix, one day T and I splurged on an expensive candle.  When I burn it, it scents up our whole bedroom which is a pretty large room.  It is by far the richest scented candle I have ever had.  I LOVE it.  Unfortunately, it is almost down to the last bit.  I think something like this would be a nice reward for myself for a goal I’ve met.  Now I just have to meet a goal! 

Here’s the candle: 

The scent I got is Orange Clove.  It is a holiday scent but they have a bunch of yummy scents to choose from like Orange Vanilla, Sexy Cinnamon (that one smelled so good but T thought it was kind of stong) and Patchouli Sandlewood.  They also have fruity scents like Fresh Mango too.  YUM! 

candles-1-1.gif 3 candles in dark image by habeba2007I light candles at least a couple of times a week.  My fireplace mantle looks like an altar.  So pretty though.  I’ll snap some pictures soon. 

If you are not inspired yet (I think I need a few more!)  Here are just a couple more nice clean homes with good feng shui to put you at peace: 







Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  Enjoy your weekend! 

T2 just told me that he will join me for a walk.  We will either walk the dogs or go on the mountain trail (which he has done a couple of times but I haven’t yet).  It has been cold the past few days but the sun is shining bright and it is in the 70’s today.  Yeah! 




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