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T’s Gift

How is your Saturday going?  It is in the 80’s today!  T and T2 both have to work today.   :(  T has an art show for his students.  He had an inservice yesterday.  His school had an artist by the name of Junya Shao come in to talk and give a demonstration.  She specializes in making tea pots.  She gave each of the teachers a wonderful gift! 

tea-cupThis is the teacup made by one of her students that T received.  I love the lid. 

Junya Shao is a famous international ceramic artist. She uses the Zisha clay (Purple clay)which is a natural product, traditional tools and slab technique to handmake her teapots. She  transforms a thin paddled slab into a perfectly symmetrical form.  The roots of this ancient technique date back 1000 years to the Song Dynasty. Working from the foundation, her works are contemporary expressions of own ideas about color and form.  She also like to make some teapots that emulate objects of nature, creating a space for contemplation during the drinking of tea, to original purity and simplicity, to rediscover one’s true self when you use them. (from an online search). 

Here she is at work and some of her teapots:


jshow30Weaving Teapot

artificial-woodArtificial Wood





Her husband is also an artist.   The clay she uses in only found in Yixing and makes tea taste better!  We were going to just display the teacup as art but I just might have to try it out!  :) 

She recommends Oolong which has scienticially proven health benefits:

Who knew?!



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