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Doing a cleansing

Today is the nicest day of the year so far.  It is already in the 80’s and sunny and it is only 9am.  Last night I was reading 2 of my feng shui books on the “house clearing” section.  It is basically a really good organizing and cleaning then walking through the room with sage to “smudge” or purify and bring good energy to the room.  I have some really good sage oil in a mister that I have used in the past but the last time T and I were in Jerome (this neat little town in the mountains where a bunch of artist’s live and sell their art/crafts) I picked up a sage stick like this:

So I will try it out today. 

By the way, here is a picture of T2 in Jerome:



The books said that in order to purge yourself of unnecessary clutter (which creates mental clutter and stagnant chi) you should start with a room, or a section of a room, or even a drawer, and look at each object and ask yourself :

Do I want it?

Do I need it?

Do I love it? 

If you answered no then you should give it away. 

I am going to take away the “Do I want it” question and change it with:

Is it in good repair?

I am too sentimental and will always want everything so that will get me nowhere fast.  I also always have a feeling that I will need it later for some reason.  That is reinforced on a regular basis when T and T2 ask me for something out of the ordinary.  Yesterday it just so happened that I found myself not needing an extra lamp the same day his broke!  He ended up with a nicer looking bedside reading lamp.  The other day T asked me if I had a bag or container that would fit these special art tools that he was going to be taking back and forth to work.  I have a bin (actually several) in the garage full of different sized bags and containers and I had the perfect one.  According to feng shui, hanging on to stuff “in case” you will someday need it is not good.  It is bad energy.  It’s a “worry” type of energy. 

So, I am only hanging on to things that I need (serves a purpose) or love and that are in good working order.  Otherwise I will donate it, trash it or repair it.  I can only do one room at a time to start.  I think if I do this in every room I will eventually be able to “cleanse” the whole house in a day every few months. 

Have you ever noticed that once you start a project- even a simple one like cleaning the bedroom- you then realize how much MORE there is to do?  That’s not just me, is it? 

Here are some principles of feng shui and pretty pictures to look at! 

Cleanliness is like kindergarten in terms of learning feng shui.  A well-organized home is a crucial first step.  One I’ve never been able to get past!  Haha! 

You are never supposed to keep anything around you in your home that gives you a bad feeling (bad memories, your keeping an item out of guilt, you no longer have a relationship with the person who gave it to you, etc) because each object gives off an energy good or bad.  This includes photos!

Chi is the invisible life force.  It is the positive energy that we all want in our lives.  Think of all things we want like good health, prosperity, love, family, security, energy, peace, creativity, success, etc.   That is chi.  It flows throughout your home but can become stagnant which is the worst kind of energy.  That brings you down mentally and then eventually physically.  This has a much better description than mine:

Then it gets more complicated.  Besides being organized, things should be placed a certain way to attract chi and distract negative energy.  I am not really that into it but I do think it is fun to map the bagua


How to map the bagua here:

and to add certain colors or objects to certain spaces.  It just makes me feel good to look at it.  The center of the bagua is where your homes chi or vital energy is located.  Ours is our kitchen.  We are supposed to use yellows and earth tones like browns in there and add elements of earth such as wooden things, a picture of trees, live plants (certain kinds if you want to get really specific- nothing with pointy knife like leaves), pottery, ceramic, clay or stones.  That will help to balance the room and create good chi! 

_mg_2549Serence bedroom with use of color


 02rug4-9-09_rect540Uncluttered so chi is free to flow!  Fire (fireplace) , earth (plant) and metal (pot)represented

img_1358inviting entry with an altar from Tara Home

jess5Relaxing effect on ceiling from light fixture, clean room, well lit



bath7_001clean and inviting

marieclairemaisonwell organized space- metal shelving is balanced with wooden desk

p1080704water element and crystal

02slo-ht_smallred doors invite chi! (However, the Buddha statue should never be placed directly on the ground but should always be elevated)


Fun site to explore:

Ever given any thought to feng shui?   Do you think your house/surroundings  are a reflection of who you are right now?  Anyone have any interesting home projects going on? 

Enjoy your Sunday!


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