My fur-babies
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My dogs are cute

dogs_1299All his spots are showing because he just got groomed.  This boy loooooooves a bath and gets excited when he sees a comb or the clippers.  You could groom him all day long and put him in any position and he’ll just stay there.  His nickname is “Sir.”  I don’t know why T came up with that one.  But he is also known as Buster, Bus or Bussie.  Sometimes “Mr. McCuteface” or whatever other thing pops into our head.  My nickname for him is “Sweetheart” as in “Whose my sweetheart?”

   frankieOn the other hand…..this little girl will run to her cage if she sees a brush.  She LIKES it once we groom her but is a little leary at first.  This is Francine Laure.  Otherwise known as Francie or Francie Pants (originated from Fancy Pants).  My nickname for her is Baby Girl.

100_1735No,  she cannot keep a bow in her hair.  Had to get rid of all of the bows because this tomboy is having nothing to do with them!  She doesn’t even appreciate how long those lashes are and makes us keep her hair short or she’ll get all knotty and stinky.  She is the first one to jump in a puddle of mud when we are gardening.  But my goodness does she give the sweetest, softest kisses!

angie-and-chrissie_0275The longer you pet him the more the tongue comes out.  It’s true.  T says he’s “Puttin’ on the cute face.”

buster-asleep-with-tongue-out-very-cuteJust a sliver of the tongue out

100_2145Back in the bow days

buster-puppy-eyes“I’m so cute.  Never mind that I bark at passersby and make stinky farts in bed and that you have to clean my eye goobers every ten seconds and give me expensive medicine twice a day… I know how to put the cute face on and turn into a rag doll when you pick me up!” 

100_3200Just got back from the groomers- “Hurry up and take the pic Mama so you can get this bow off of me!”

100_3196Can I have a treat yet?

100_3202Look Mama I brought you somethin’  -NOW can I have a treat?

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