Thank you

thank20youI just wanted to say thank you to those of you who  replied to my blog by email!  It really means a lot!  (Cherie, Denise F, Tracey, Pammy, Cindy and Sally)  It is so good to hear from you!  Kisses to you!

Someone said they did not know how to post a comment on the blog.  To do that is simple…at the end of each “post” is a little blue line that says when it was published and who the author is (moi) and then it says “no comments.”  (If there is a comment already posted it will just say comments) You just click “no comments” and a little box for typing will pop up.  Easy peasy! 

There are several ways to “follow me” but some require you to sign into a program.  If you don’t follow any other blogs the easist way would be to just put my site in your favorites (You can even add a shortcut to the desktop if you so incline) and then you can just check it out whenever you like.  Be sure to put the “homepage” in your favorites.  This one:

Love and Hugs to my friends and family,


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