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Dining Room


You may have noticed that since I’ve taken this pic (above) we moved T’s art to the bedroom.  This pic is nice and clear though.   




He has a purple amethyst on his forehead.

Purple is the color that evokes our highest spiritual energy, and that is why in ancient times this color was largely reserved for the cloaks and robes of royalty and clergy.  Purple can be said to be a color of independence, in the sense of having the will to follow our Divine calling instead of the callings of others. And this Divine calling is one that will help manifest God’s will on Earth, in the special ways that our individual Souls desire us to do so Amethyst is also commonly used to facilitate the emotional calmness that must precede prayer, meditation, and attunement to God. 


This one is called Lady with Bird of Paradise.  Both were done by the same artist.  Carved from hibiscus wood. 

If you like the hibiscus wood carvings, check out this artist’s work



This is another carving we have in our dining room.  Sarasvati, Goddess of the arts! 

Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of all arts: music, painting, sculpture, dance, and writing. She is credited with presenting the gift of writing to mankind so that her songs could be written down and preserved. Sarasvati is often depicted on the back of a swan or peacock, and with four arms, with which she plays the lute or drum and bestows jeweled blessings. She is the Goddess of eloquence, and words pour from her like a sweetly flowing river. One myth of this Goddess is that She is a jealous rival of the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and that pursuing wealth alone will assure that Sarasvati’s gifts will desert you.


This picture peeks into our kitchen (on the left) and to the hallway.  The open door is the pantry.

pantryT2 organized this in sections: breakfast items, canned food, baking items, etc. 


This is one of Tim’s sculptures that is on the third shelf in the picture above. (this pic taken at our old house in Hobart)


Tim’s sculpture that is on the second shelf in the dining room.  (this pic taken in Hobart)


Entrance-  When we moved here a year ago everything was country green and beige.  We plan to paint the front door red and have dark gray trim.  Dining room is to the left and office/studio is on the right. 

And of course, some more of Tim’s art in the dining room. 


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  1. Angela says

    Love Tim’s artwork especially the blue one you moved to the bedroom & the one above!

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