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Sunny Sunday

Hi and thanks for stopping by today!  It is bright and sunny today.  Are you enjoying your Sunday?  Today T and I did a little hiking.  I took it slow .  The trail was a lot rockier than I expected.  We had hiked a different mountain in the past and the trail was very different.  Last night I thought this was a fabulous and super fun idea.  Then this morning before I was even fully awake T reminded me we are hiking today.  It didn’t sound as exciting it did last night. 

Me: (wiping the sleep from eyes on the way to the mountain) “Why don’t you go on a ahead and I’ll wait in the air conditioned car.  I can see the pics you took when you get back.”

T:  “That wouldn’t be very much fun, now would it?” 

Me: silently thinking “It would be for me but it doesn’t look like there’s anyway out of it now.”



Here are some shots T and I took today. 


Starting out


We’ve  been on the trail for about 10 minutes now.  I’m already tired.


View.  That’s the parking lot we parked in down there.   


 It is getting steeper and rockier now. I believe at this point I am out of water and ready to turn back. 

Some people were JOGGING this trail.  It’s a miracle they don’t sprain an ankle. 


Some more mountains are in view now.  I’m stopping every few minutes now but the mountain is calling T.


It’s even rockier now.  At this point I am thinking “Just don’t break a bone, throw your back out or fall off the mountain.” 

T: (behind me) “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take such baby steps.”


Reaping the reward.  So pretty. I sat on a rock here while T went on a little more to see what the view would be like up a little further.


The view wasn’t better up further.  Glad I stayed on the rock.


On the way back down we saw this little guy. 

My conclusion:  I am fat, old and out of shape.  I need to do this about 200 more times to really enjoy it.  It was hard work but I am proud of myself for doing it.

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