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Dorothy Lamour




 Beautiful photodor8






I wonder if that was her own dog. 


Loving the hair, the shoes and her expression


Beautiful lines and shadows


and what about this dress?!




I like this softly lit pretty pose.


I saved my favorite for last.   Sharp, sophisticated and effortlessly glamorous.


Dorothy Lamour was born Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton.  (1914-1996) She was a pin up girl who was first known for her tarzan type movie “Ulah” then “The Jungle Princess.”  That wasn’t all she was though.  Lamour’s good humor and lack of pretension allowed her to have a remarkably long career in show business for someone best known as a “glamour girl.”  She proved herself as a comedic and dramatic actress with her films regularly earning the most money for the time (1940’s).  Lamour alone promoted the sale of over $21 million dollars worth of war bonds.  I think that is incredible!  She was also a talented singer.  She chose “Lamour” because it is the French word for love.  She was in films from 1933 – 1987!  She also played on Hart to Hart and Murder She Wrote in the 80’s. 

She was a Sagitarian.  She had to drop put of school at the age of 15 to work after her parents got divorced.  She and her mom moved to Chicago. She worked for a while as an elevator operator at Marshall Field on State St. earning $17.00 a week before she was discovered by Hollywood.  She worked her way up by doing radio shows and night clubs in the beginning.  She was very proud that she went back to secretarial school and learned to become a very good typist.  She typed all of her own letters even after she became wealthy. 

She died (a widow- both her first husband and later second husband preceded her in death) at age 81 in her home in California in 1996.  She had 2 children. 



  1. Larry DeMetro says

    Beautiful pictures of a beautifull lady. I’ve been a fan of Dottie’s since childhood and will forever be. Great multi-talented actress who could do it all, sing, dance, drama & comedy not to mention MCing her own radio show. Sadly missed.

    • feefeern says

      Thanks for your comment Larry! If you love Old Hollywood- stay tuned. I have more to come. There’s going to be a big post on Rita Hayworth soon with tons of pictures. FeeFee

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