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Dreaming of white flowers

I had a dream that I was making a beautiful bouquet of white flowers last night.  I am still thinking about it.  (I do not arrange flowers in real life but I do love them).


This is what 5 dozen cream colored roses looks like.  I hope they were heavily scented. 


A very pretty vintage-looking bouquet of cream flowers with a splash of blue and lots of buds. 



This makes me miss the aroma of our star gazer lilly we had back in Indiana.  It was planted right by our front door.  The aroma was heavenly.  I plan to plant jasmine by our front door here in AZ.  Equally divine! 


A beautiful cascade of roses, callas and orchids.


Loving this cascading shower bouquet.


This is most like the one I was making in my dream except mine had some more white flowers and less green and it had some pretty sticks in it too.  It was very vintagey. 

Here are some other pretty white flower photos:


Lilly of the Valley- miss that scent too.  It is paired nicely with a fern here. 


more lilly of the valley



White bleeding heart- nice


It is called dipterocarpus. Very exotic, no? 


According to wikipedia, they grow in the lowland rainforests of Asia. 




The 3 photos above are by photographer Debby Krim




more cream roses.  Look at her pretty rosary.


If someone out there reading this is getting married- Do this! 



Last two sweet floral finds….


This is a cute idea to get matching frames for some vintage floral prints and then use some vintage floral fabric for some pillows.  I like the bottom left floral print the best (the pink and yellow one without the frame) and the red and white pillow 3rd from left.  Really, really cute! 


and then I found these but credit wasn’t given.  :(  I don’t wear crafty-type earrings but these are unique.  The pic was saved as “third floor shop” but I couldn’t find that on google.  Maybe Etsy? 


Have a great day today!  Hugs, FeeFee


  1. feefeern says

    That is really cool. I also love gardening but haven’t done much of it since we moved to AZ a few years ago. Our soil is so hard here- Can’t even call it soil. You basically have to pick axe it instead of shovel! Or wet it down and then deal with heavy “clay mud.” On the upside, we have some exotic looking flowers that grow here and roses are supposed to do really well here.

  2. VanessaRussell says

    What is the flower in the 10th image? the one with the orange middle and spiky peddles …

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