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I found my haircut

I found a great pic I am going to take in to the salon for my next haircut.  It will be great for summer.  Great for straight hair like mine.  I am also going back to my natural dark brown color. 



I found this pic here:  (The French Elle magazine online- check it out.  You can have it translated into English)



T2 with his BD cake last night.  It was Cold Stone cake and ice cream.  Sweet cream ice cream with cookie dough pieces and extra cake batter ice cream on the side.  Because you can never have enough cold stone ice cream on your birthday! 



Pics T2 and I took of Buster yesterday.  That tongue is so cute!  Look at his hair on top.  heehee

Update on Buster:  He has Valley Fever in his brain.  We found out when he had some life threatening seizures back in November.  We almost lost him!  He has to be on antifungal medication for a year.  (He takes it twice a day and knows when it is due- at 6:30 pm he reminds Tim!)  Anyhow, we had weaned him off of the seizure med but he recently had a seizure so he is back on it.  It looks like he will have to be on seizure meds all the time now.  We were hoping once the mass shrunk (it is a fungal mass in his brain) he wouldn’t have any more seizures.  I just hope the seizure med works.  So far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We want to keep this little guy around for a long long time.  He is 8 years old. 

Francie and Buster are getting groomed by moi today.  Wish me luck!  I’m saving 90 bucks by doing it but it’s a big pain to do.  I’ve done it before and it takes me forever.  They look a little “strange” afterward for a while too! 


No news on a job yet.  I am applying to everything I can.  The positions are being filled the same day they are posted out here for nurses.  I’m not sure if they are being filled internally or what is going on.  I know I’ll find something sooner or later.  I’m still hoping someone will call this week. 

T has 2 more weeks of work then he is out for the summer. 


It got hot here all of a sudden.  Summer is already upon us.  It has been hitting the triple digits.  Yesterday T2 and I went out to lunch for his BD.  When we walked outside I said it felt like Arizona!  The pool water has gotten significantly warmer but isn’t warm enough for swimming yet. 

My sister Cherie is booking a flight to come out and she might bring Miranda!  That is so exciting!  She’ll be here for 2 weeks next month when she is out for the summer. 

My niece Ann and her hubby Tom are MOVING out here in June also. 

T2 plans on moving to CO by the end of June or early July.  He wants to get there before school starts so he can establish his apt and get his bearings.   He’s still tutoring for Kaplan but not that much anymore.  He hasn’t found the apt yet but has a general idea of where it will be.  My aunt Gerrie and cousin Rob and his family will be less than 20 minutes away.  He stayed with them when he went for his interview.  They are very excited that he will be moving there.  It’s all so exciting.  T2 is brilliant- I know he will be an awesome doctor one day. 


Once I’m working again I will probably cut down to blogging once a week but this has been a great outlet for me and super fun hobby.  I am hoping to get some comments from family so that we can get the communication going both ways.  We’d love to know what everyone is up to.  If you don’t want to comment on the blog- drop me a line! 

The direction my blog seems to be taking is this:  inspiration, photography, journaling, Old Hollywood and anything vintage, interior design and fashion.   If you like scrapbooking or save clippings from magazines I think you’d enjoy making your own blog. 

Hope you are having an awesome day!  Hugs,



  1. Denise says

    My sister in law is in from phoenix and I showed her your blog. She says Paradise Valley Hospital advertises for nurses regularly. You may want to check there.

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