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Gramma Busha, Gramma Joan


While I was shredding my journals I found a poem I made a long time ago while thinking of my Gramma.  I also found a note I wrote to her after she died telling her I missed her and sharing my thoughts with her.  I am not a poet but I really liked reading this as it brought back some nice memories once again. 


Stout woman with an apron on

Saying “cha” as she gave her grand children candy.

Smiling woman with white hair, skin as soft as a peach,

Sitting in her chair knitting a vest for Grandpa.

Plump woman working hard,

making Christmas dinner for the whole family in her little kitchen.

Caring woman, weeding her garden- every color flower all along the fence.

Loving woman getting down the lifesaver glass that I couldn’t reach.

Beautiful woman sitting at the kitchen table pouring milk into her tea.

Go to her house and see-

I don’t think she will ever leave. 



Here is what I love.  I found an old journal of Timmy’s that he did for school.  This is what he had to say about his Grandma when he was 12 years old: (excerpt)

My favorite relative is my Grandma Joan.  She is always real nice and friendly.  She always has something for me when I go to visit her.  She always has something to feed me, even if I just ate.  I like it when we visit her house.  She is my favorite relative. 

I hope I can be a Grandma like that one day.   Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s and the Grandma’s out there! 


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