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List maker?

draft_lens1399873module8997247photo_Red_kitchen(Looking for backsplash ideas I came across this cool modern kitchen- I like this sink too!)   

Are you a list maker?  I am.  Most days it is just a mental list of things I need to do that day but oftentimes I write it all down.  Especially the house ideas.  Here are some things on my to do lists. 


1. Call doctor’s office and pick up prescriptions.

2. Make a grocery list and grocery shop (I am a very unsuccessful grocery shopper without one and will come home with a bunch of “half meals” and snacks so I have  taken the time to make one on Word with all the frequently purchased items.  All I have to do is print it out and check things off).

3. Apply for 3 jobs. (I already know which ones- the search was done)

4. Start cleaning the garage.

5. Make Tim’s BD card.

6. Be sure to stretch. (My lower back and hamstrings are getting super tight)

7. Cover the outdoor lounge cot with fabric.

8. Call Mom.


(Sweet little teddy girl I found online.)

This week:

1. Get a job if at all possible! (Being jobless isn’t fun!!!!)

2. Celebrate Tim’s BD tomorrow!

3. Continue my feng shui house cleansing.  (I have 4 boxes/bins of stuff I am getting rid of already)

4. Trim the palms in front and the shrub in the backyard. 

5. Find out how to get rid of large garbage items (call streets and sanitation).

6. Call my friend Sally and my sister Cherie. 

7. Research homeopathy for solutions to help me sleep.

8. Check Craigslist for a guest rooom bed.

 black iris

(Looking for black plants I came across this black Iris.  Of course T has to have some black plants in the garden!)

The next few months:

1. Move Timmy to Colorado.  ;(

2. Go to Alyssa’s graduation.

3. Spend time with Cherie when she comes out for vacation. 

4. Go to visit Ann when she moves here. 

5. Spend time with Angie and kids.  (Girls are coming over to spend the night this weekend!!)

6. Figure out how to fix watering system in the backyard. 

7. Paint the wall/fence in the backyard.

8. Finish garage/house clearing/feng shui project- then make it a lifestyle!!! 

9. Continue to practice living moment to moment. 

10. Paint front door. 

11. Remove bricks which are lining our grassy area in the backyard.  (OK this is on the honey-do list).


(I like this little courtyard.  Tim and I are all about getting rid of as much grass as we can and making our smallish backyard into a courtyard surrounded by plants. We will keep a small area of grass for the dogs, of course. It looks like, from this pic – it is about 1/4 the size of our backyard.  I like the greenery, the bricks because they look like they’ve been there a while, the different levels and how private this space looks).


I am quite sure this list is incomplete.  I am trying hard to get as much as I can (deep cleaning) done around the house while I am not working becasue it is so hard to do when everyone is working full time.  Soon T will be off for the summer and will take over some of the household jobs when I am working this summer.  T2 will be moving in less than 2 months.   The time is going to fly now.  What I haven’t written down is that I want to spend as much time visiting with him before he leaves.  I think this week I’ll see if he is up for a hike or walk, going to the library to hang out and laying out in the sun with me. 

Break is over- time to fill out apps (online) and get back to the garage. 

Hugs to you today!  FeeFee

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