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Short Hairstyles

Is warm weather upon you where you live yet?  It is officially HOT here in AZ.  Time for short hair, minimal makeup, tank tops every day and lots and lots of water.  Oooooohhhhh this is what I live for.  Pool water temperature alert:  82 degrees as of yesterday.  It’s been rising over a degree a day for the past few days so I bet it will be 83 today.  The weather has been hitting over 100 degrees.  Here are some short hairstyles to inspire you (and me) for our next haircut. 


Meg Ryan




Kate Blanchett


Any hairstyle looks good on Audrey Tatou

color and texture i want

nice color and texture

good haircut straight

poor quality because I scanned it from an advertisment years ago


Audrey Tatou

great hair!


another pic I scanned a long time ago from a hair product


Katie Holmes “pixie crop”


Katie Holmes



Shannyn Sossamon- If you haven’t seen the movie Wrist Cutters- A love story- I highly recommend it!  Preview here:

Yoanna from that America’s Next Top Model.  I was rooting for her.  She won.  She had really long hair and they cut it all off. 


Yoanna with longer hair.  Still pretty but the short hair gives her a certain spunk I really like. 


There will be more posts with good hairstyles because I have a whole file of them.  Long hair styles too. Stay tuned!  They will be posted under beauty-hair-makeup.  I hope you are having a really good day. 


Hugs, FeeFee

fee diva heart

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