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For my man

Happy Birthday to Tim, my best friend, lover and soul mate. 

Honey, I love you because…

You are fun to hang out with even when we’re doing nothing.

You have ALWAYS been there with a kiss and hug even if you don’t know what to say.


I have never doubted your love for me- not once, not even for a second.

We are getting gray hair and wrinkles together. 

We are sounding boards for each other.

You don’t judge me.

We are equal partners in this relationship.


You do not entertain foolishness or compromise your integrity.

You are loyal, honest and treat me with respect. 

You make me feel beautiful when I am with you.

You are a good provider.

You are not a “yes” man.

 You make me smile when I don’t think I can.


You are “home” to me.



You are weird!  (Don’t worry that is the highest compliment)


You have somehow managed to never raise your voice at me even when I have been flying off the handle, acting stupid, out of control and totally deserved it.

You catch me when I fall.

 You always give me back rubs when my back hurts.  (I have estimated about 5,000 so far- that’s a lot of back rubs)

You are my lucky charm.

You made a promise to me 24 years ago and kept it.

You are always up for any thing any time.

You are so easy-going.

Your voice soothes my soul.

You are hot in the cot hot.

You introduced me to art. 

You mute the commericals for me.

Your sense of humor.

Your love of animals.

Your soft heart.

Your strong hands. booom

Because you are my best friend and I am yours. 

You find pleasure in the simple things.

You’re a hunka hunka burnin’ love.

You are my rock of Gibraltar.

Your Italian features.

You always put me first but would never let me win just to win. 

Your music mixes are the best in the world!!!!!love-is-38-1995You have a way of telling me things I don’t want to hear but need to hear in a good way. 


You taught me how to put life into perspective .

You are a good father. 

Your love and support makes me feel like I can do anything. 

You teach children how to express their creative side for a living. 

You express yourself and your individulism through art, music and clothing to most of the world but have opened up in every way to me.

I am so lucky and blessed to be your wife and to share this and every birthday with you for the rest of our lives. 

You freaking rock my world- yes you do!  Happy B-Day Babe. 

LNWya, Your Chrissie


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  1. Angela says

    OMG!!! I love this post! So beautiful!! What a testament of your love!
    and, btw, I like the commercials muted too!

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