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Alyssa’s graduation day

5-06-09 069

Alyssa with her boyfriend Steven

Yesterday we went to my niece, Alyssa’s, graduation.  It was so nice.  Didn’t think I would but I got a little tear in my eye thinking that this is the same girl whose diaper I changed!  And thinking about all the birthdays and occasions and Alyssa growing up to be the woman she is today.  I am so very proud of her and love her so much!  Here are a few pics from yesterday: 

5-06-09 058

Graduation girl!

grad snoopy pic

5-06-09 027

Here she is on the jumbotron-right after she got her diploma. 

grad diploma

5-06-09 036

Aubrey, Timmy, Alyssa and me- those three are cousins but as close as brother and sisters. I’m so glad Timmy was able to make it for this special day for Alyssa (he is moving out of state soon)

5-06-09 073

Alyssa and her boyfriend Steven. I think she looks amazing in this color blue. 

grad hat with diploma

5-06-09 064

Angie’s family: Rocco, Aubrey, Joey, Alyssa, Angie. It was great that Joey was able to fly out for this day too. 

5-06-09 026

A better picture of Rocco- he was waiting for his sister’s name to be called. he’s getting so big!  He was so good during the grdaution and really enjoyed the stadium.  (Cardinal’s Stadium in Glendale,AZ)  He said he was going to go home and take his vitamins (so he could be a football player and go on the field one day). 

Here he is pretending to catch a football:

5-06-09 025

5-06-09 078

Having fun with his sister’s graduation cap.

5-06-09 080

Timmy and Aubrey

5-06-09 077

 Me and Tim

and one more of Alyssa:

graduation you did it

5-06-09 049

Way to go Alyssa!  Love you!  XOXO, Aunt Chrissie

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  1. Cheryl Hyzy says

    Chris, I wish I could have been there, I miss everyone and I am sooo excited to be coming out. I hope Alyssa will still be there. Tell her she has to wait! Love all of you guys-Cherie

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