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Cool House Tour

I found this San Fran house tour at Apt Therapy.  Head on over to check it out lots more pics for yourself.  (link below) I love the mix of modern and old.  They have warm colored hard wood floors in their gathering area which looks very nice against the industrial items.  


 You can tell there’s going to be some flare on the inside by the paint color they chose on the outside. 


The corrugated metal ceiling painted in that rust color gives a really cool modern industrial look.  Industrial kitchens like this one are favorites of mine.  It makes you want to cook in there.  Better yet, to be served at the bar!  The lights above the counter are so simple but nice looking in this space. 



What a great idea to make a custom stereo cabinet in a niche like this. 


I’d like to get an old door like this for our pantry.  It’s a great idea! 


This red light is neat.  We have a string of red lights in our kitchen.  I really like the glow it makes at night. 




They got this old part from a plane and stripped it down to the metal.  Then they hung it on the wall and installed an inexpensive strand of rope lights behind it.  Very clever and unique!  Good job! 


I find it really interesting to see how other people live.  Especially when their interiors are so unique and clever and they really put their personal touch on it like this!  That was nice of them to share their ideas with Apt Therapy.  They gave sources too for lighting and industrial stuff you can buy for yourself.

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