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artist Camille Allen

I love miniatures.  I love looking into dollhouses and seeing teeny tiny things.  I am a nurse but originally went for dental hygiene.  As odd as it may seem, I wanted to be a dental hygienist so I could work with those tools in a small space  like the mouth.  I’ve asked my dentist for old scalers so I can have them at home.  (Tim uses them for sculpting).  They were sterilized, by the way!  I have one in the junk drawer and I love having to take it out because I need to get into some tiny area or crevice.  Another odd thing is that I have had dreams since as far back as I can remember and still to this day about having miniature people and animals.  I liked Gulliver’s Travels and The Indian in the Cupboard very much.  I also love detail.  I love Alice in Wonderland because there was so much to look at and think about.  This artist, Camille Allen, sculpts these teeny tiny baby “dolls” which, to me, are little pieces of art.  Tiny and very detailed.  The fact that she does babies that look real make them so much more intriguing.  I do not collect dolls and wouldn’t want a whole collection of these but I wouldn’t mind having one if they weren’t so expensive. Enjoy looking at these little cuties!   









This looks like a preemie to me and reminds me of Timmy when he was born- except he was just a little bigger at 4 pounds!  heehee :) 

timmy newborn in bass.

I remember having to roll up the sleeves of 0-3 months clothing for him.  He only had 1 or 2 preemie outfits as they were a little harder to come by back then.  Look at the size of that preemie pacifier compared to his face!  (We were told to use a pacifier a lot at first so he could get used to sucking.  He was born with a weak suck reflex so had to be fed by NG tube at first). 


Back to Camille Allen gallery:











8 inch poseable girl


8 inch poseable boy

cam16posable mini

detail of face from poseable boy

visit Camille Allen’s site here:


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