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Attn: DIYers

I live in a desert so it gets REALLY dusty here.  Plus we have wood floors which need to be cleaned constantly especially when we are living indoors and out dragging dust in with us.   The swiffer comes in handy but the refills are expensive.  I LOVE this idea to make your own.  You can make several and just throw them in the washing machine.  I’m going to try this using an old lightweight fleece blanket we don’t use anymore.  Very very exciting!  Does anyone have ideas for an inexpensive everyday wood floor cleaner?  I currently use the all purpose Pledge or Swiffer spray but again, it is expensive.  I don’t want to use anything too oily because our wood gets too slick.  I need something just a little moist to pick up all the dust particles though.  I like it to smell fresh too.  FeeFee



Found here:

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