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Home Projects


Now that Tim is out of school (work) for the summer we want to do some home projects.  We have already painted all of the major walls in the house.  Well, Tim did them pretty much by himself (which was no small task since our ceilings are tall) last year on the days I worked. 


I wanted to use some yellow in here and some vibrant green but we didn’t want a whole room those colors.  For the main part of the house (kitchen and family room) we went with venetian red (inspired by a red vinyl wallet I have we used high gloss) and gray.(in flat).  Orange in the dining room, silver/gray in our bedroom with purple bedding, and turquoise/maroon for the guest bedroom.  The main bath is brown (for now) and Timmy’s room is blue and dark gray.  So, I think we will paint the laundry room sunny yellow and the pantry apple green- both with white trim.  Won’t those be fun colors? 


Here’s some sunny yellow pics I collected today for inspiration for the laundry room.  If you want to know where they are from- just google “sunny yellow”to find these and many more!





Looking for this pic I found a new blog I saved to check out later…http://lovelysweetwilliam.blogspot.com/


Alos spied these cute vintage shoes here Cute, right?


Sweet handmade blankets here:   source  Wouldn’t this be super cute in a queen size for a bedspread? 



The 2 pics above from here which I will also be checking out later! :)

Hope you are enjoying your day!  My whole family has a headache today.  Timmy went to take a nap.  I have taken Excedrin for the second time and am getting ready to nap also.  Also, our air conditioning isn’t working right.  It is sometimes coming out warm and sometimes cold.  I hope that is not making us sick somehow.  Tim called to have it looked at but no one will be there til tomorrow.  Luckily we are no longer in the triple digits!  It’s about 80 in here which is bearable. 

Hugs, FeeFee

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