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Adding color to plain apartments

Timmy is looking for an apartment to rent.  He and I talked about how to add color to apartments without painting the walls.  Here are some inspiration pics I found for him but they can be used in anyone’s home.  These are great ideas to change the color of a room without painting the whole room. 

Sources unknown to me.  If you own any of these photos please let me know so Ican give you credit!  :) 


Inexpensive headboard and a pop of color at the same time- buy a basic bedspread and change out the fabric whenever you want!


Spray paint your furniture.  Especially good for thrift store finds.  Instantly brings it up to date. 


Another headboard idea.  Might be framed to the wall here but can be done on lightweight wood. 


Colorful rugs


Plants, painted chair, vibrant throw blanket and lamp.  I also like the simple art leaning on the table to the left and the texture from the rug.


Using cool fabric instead of traditional curtains- much more affordable than traditional curtains too.

idea timmy color splash

Fabric can be used here instead of wallpaper.  It can be stretched on a canvas (lightweight and easy to do with a staple gun) or tacked to the wall.  Pillows and flowers. 


Same simple idea on the wall.  Also, the wood table and chairs are great- really warms up that space and makes it homey as do the candles and that lamp would look great at night and would be an alternative to a chandelier.

large art

Bookshelves- you can add books and art to them.  Large pieces of art.  Good lighting.  Collections (the pots on top the bookshelf add some interest and make neat shadows the way they lit it)


So simple- vibrant throws.  Interesting little coffee table- can be painted any color. 

pop ofcolor

These lamps really add a pop of color.  Looks like the embraced the white by adding white furniture. 

rugs are homey



If you really need color ask the landlord if you can paint the smallest wall for a focal wall.  Again, the art can be fabric stretched on canvas. 


Add texture and color with fabrics. 


Brightly colored rug

color with curtains


rugs cool furnishings mirror

Get cool furniture, add mirrors, nice rugs, good lighting.


Fabric idea on wall again and rug.  Also, patterened chair and throw pillows. 


Large art


 Brightly colored furntiture


Hope you loved it!

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