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This cracks me up

Found this list here

Tumblrs like

– Cats (lots and lots of cats)
– Bob Dylan (don’t say you don’t, you reblog every photo of him)
– Women (oh my god, you can’t find a photo of a man with more than one note)
– Cats (yeah, again, you love cats)
– Polaroids
– Shoes
– New York (trust me, you like NYC)
– Gossip Girls (tumblr is dead during that show, if not, you are a Dr’s whatever fan)
– Audreyhepburn
– Lomo
– FFFFound (don’t lie to me, you hit refresh every five seconds)
– Flickr (who doesn’t?)
– Quotes
– Polaroid photos of cats
– Paris (yeah, the one with a tower and a museum)
– Love
– Cats (is never enough with cats)
– Oh, and Jim from The Office, you like him too.
* Oh my god and I almost forgot cupcakes! You love cupcakes! (thanks rachelunleashed) 


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