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Marilyn Monroe part 8 and bio


















When I was looking up Marilyn Monroe online this is what I learned about her:

Her dad died when she was very young (3 or 4 years old) in a motorcycle accident.  Her mother wasn’t mentally stable so she ended up in foster care.  She lived with over 7 families.   Marilyn Monroe was raped at around age 8 but the family didn’t believe her.  She reported that she was raped by a man named Mr. Kimmel who was an actor.  He was renting a room from the foster family at the time.  source  In her adult life she was also molested but no one believed that story either.  (Someone broke into her house and neighbors heard her screaming for help so called police).  That is just so sad to have happened even once let alone twice in her lifetime. 

Her mother had paranoid schizophrenia and depression ran in their family.

She always dreamed of being an actress even as a young child. 

“I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.
Marilyn Monroe

She had a lot of compassion.  She loved babies and dogs.  She wanted to be a mother more than anything.

She had 3 failed marriages and reportedly several miscarriages. 

She trusted the wrong people and got hurt. 

She didn’t have a formal education but was intelligent.  She loved to read and was constantly trying to improve as an actress. 

She loved getting all dolled up and having her picture taken but didn’t set out to be a sex symbol.  She was kind of naive about the whole thing.  She didn’t see anything wrong with showing her body.  She thought the fans made her into the sex symbol- she didn’t.  She said, “People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn’t see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one.”

After a while she couldn’t get out of the sex symbol role or be considered a serious actress by the public though she had real talent.   Marilyn Monroe said, “Some people have been unkind. If I say I want to grow as an actress, they look at my figure. If I say I want to develop, to learn my craft, they laugh. Somehow they don’t expect me to be serious about my work.”  She was concerend about people seeing her as a joke. 

During finanically hard times between acting jobs she posed nude for money which became a scandal. 

She said, “Everyone’s just laughing at me. I hate it. Big breasts, big ass, big deal, Can’t I be anything else ? Gee, how long can you be sexy?”

It is reported that one of her husband’s Joe DiMaggio was very controlling and jealous of the attention Marilyn received.  He did not want her to perform for troops in Korea and broke her thumb in a fit of rage.  The day of her death, however, they were reported to be trying to get back together.  He left roses at her grave for over 20 years. 

Here  is what some people had to say about Marilyn Monroe:

“She had a great natural dignity and was extremely intelligent. She was also exceedingly sensitive.”  ~Edith Sitwell, poet

“She saw herself drowning in Hollywood in 1955 and told her studio, ‘I’m not just wiggling my behind.’ Marilyn is not any one thing; she’s multidimensional. As an actress, she has lots of imitators- but only Marilyn survives.”  ~Eli Wallach, Marilyn’s co-star in The Misfits

 “She is a brilliant comedienne, which to me means she also is an extremely skilled actress.”  ~Sir Laurence Olivier, co-star of The Prince and the ShowgirlBus Stop role on stageBus Stop

“She was wonderful. We were taught never to clap at the Actors Studio-it was like we were in church-and it was the first time I’d ever heard applause there.”  ~Kim Stanley, the actress who originated Marilyn’s

“Marilyn is as near a genius as any actress I ever knew. She is an artist beyond artistry. She is the most completely realized and authentic film actress since Garbo. She has that same unfathomable mysteriousness. She is pure cinema.”  ~Joshua Logan, director of

“Her quality when photographed is almost of a supernatural beauty.”  ~Lee Strasberg

“Her work frightened her, and although she had undoubted talent, I think she had a subconscious resistance to the exercise of being an actress. But she was intrigued by its mystique and happy as a child when being photographed; she managed all the business of stardom with uncanny, clever, apparent ease.”  ~Sir Laurence Olivier

“I’ve learned about living from her. I took her as a serious actress even before I met her. I think she’s an adroit comedienne, but I also think she might turn into the greatest tragic actress that can be imagined.”  ~Arthur Miller, writer and husband



About her death:

Before her death she had been seeing a psychiatrist and had several prescriptions.  She was being treated for borderline personality disorder and addiction to barbiturates and alcohol.  She had severe insomnia.  There are reports of her trying to commit suicide (at least 4 times) and other reports of her accidentally taking too many sleeping pills.  She had depression and anxiety. 

The cause of death on her (botched) autopsy says “probable suicide.”  Apparently she made several calls the night of her death but the phone records went missing.  There was no running water in her bathroom sink because it was being repaired.  There was no water glass to be found but many empty pill bottles.  She was seeing John F Kennedy and  there are reports that she had an illegal abortion before she died that could have been his child.  She was very hurt because she was cut off from John F. Kennedy during his election.  Some people think Robert Kennedy is the one who killed her. 

Some people think she received a barbiturate enema by her housekeeper who took care of her who had no idea it would overdose her.  The housekeeper oddly straightened up before calling the police.  Rigor mortis showed that she had been dead for several hours.  The autopsy showed that she had barbiturates metabolizing in her liver which showed that she was alive for sometime while drugged (possibly could her life have been saved?)

It was said that she was happy about her rekindling a relationship with DiMaggio but she had a lot of hurt over Kennedy and knew a lot secrets that could really ruin Kennedy.

No one really knows if she took her own life but she had apparently been troubled. 

There are a lot of “sad” quotes from her out there.  Quotes about being alone, not trusting people, trying to find herself, trying to prove herself and just wanting to feel loved.  Of course, that could be the way the media portrayed her. 

She died at the young age of 36 in 1962.  She left money for her mother who died in the 80’s.  Marilyn’s estate earns more than $1 million annually now, with most of the proceeds going to Anna Strasberg, the widow of Marilyn’s acting mentor.

I think she was a beautiful woman with a lot of ambition.  It seems she went from a troubled childhood and not feeling wanted to being wanted by everyone but for all the wrong reasons.  I think she suffered a lot because of her mental problems and the instability she had growing up.  She died too soon to realize her dreams. 

As sad as her story is, I wanted to tribute her by letting others know more about her.  It makes me look beyond the physical beauty and know there was a beautiful woman on the inside too.   She was ahead of her time in a lot of ways and not afraid to do what she wanted or had to do.  


Candle in the Wind:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvux60fqNU8



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