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Buster update


Baby Buster is having some sort of twitching problems.  I think it is petit mal seizures but the vet thinks it is a pulled muscle or even a slipped disc.  He’s been on bedrest for a few days and isn’t getting any better.  He had 6 episodes today.  Tim was able to get it on video today so tomorrow we are going to take the video in to the vet.  Poor little guy.  We are very concerned.  He’s been by our side 24-7 since this twitching started.  He’s already on antiseizure medication due to a couple of life-threatening seizures he had.  (During one his temperature got up to 108 degrees).  He has Valley Fever which is a fungal infection in his brain so is also on antifungal medication.  The vet said most dogs recover 100% but there are a few who don’t make it through the treatment.  He has the best personality and has been with us for 8 years so far.  We are hoping for many more to come.  The pics of me and Buster were taken 6 or 7 years ago.  They are my fav of us though.    He’s my little sweetheart. 



2-13-02 chrissie bus3


buster looking at me


Here he is (below) all cozy on Mama’s lap:buster so cute

The other day on the way home from the vet we stopped at Taco Bell drive thru.  The girl at the window said “He’s kinda cute.”  KINDA!  duh!  He’s only the cutest dog EVER!  :)


Me and Bussie

buster tongue out

He’s a Daddy’s boy too.

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