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Outdoor Spaces- Part Deux

 More pretty outdoor spaces to enjoy.  Ahhhh I love summer!  Is it warm out where you live yet?  FeeFee

mother of thousands

Mother of Thousands plant.  In the right area it will take off like crazy.  Grows really fast even in sandy soil.  All the plants I’m showing in my posts are for the warmer zones.  (Zones 9-10) I live in AZ.  Grows in FL too.


I really like the little covered bar area with the counter. 

good courtyard

Hindu Pope Plant

This is called a Hindu rope plant and I want one.

hindu rope

Hindu rope plant



I wish I knew where these were from.  I like them a lot. 






I love cannas and bananas and other big leafy plants.  So tropical looking.  I have one that is taking off like crazy.  Might need to replant it in a different area so it has more room to grow.  (this one isn’t mine)


mule's foot fern

This is called a Mule’s Foot fern.  It is a Hawaiian plant so I’m not sure how it would do here but I want to try it.  It is nice and hot here so tropical plants do well as long as they are well irrigated and not in direct sun (or so I’ve hear.  We are new to this zone and just learning what will grow here).  Find your zone here:


mule's foot hawaiian

close up of mule’s foot fern. 

bat plant

Bat plant

black negligee grape soda scented flower shade

This is called a Black Negligee.  It is a grape soda scented plant that grows in the shade.



Isn’t this cool?  It is awfully close to a path though.  We have an agave and I guarantee you those points are sharp. 



Still more to come.  I have lots of garden inspirations! 


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