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cashmere hoodies

two cute black cashmere hoodies from

where did my lamb go cashmere hoodie by gwen stefani

j. crew cahmere hoodie

from here:

Robert Geller Waffle Knit Hoodie

Kashmere black cashmere...

black cashmere convertible gloves from bluefly

Injury Space Hoodie


Buy clothing from retailers that have pledged not to sell Australian merino wool products until mulesing and live exports have ended, such as American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, Timberland, Aéropostale, and Limited Brands.

If you don’t know about mulesing you may read more here:



It is controversial because it has been proven to prevent flystrike if done properly but many people are not doing it humanely, cutting too deeply, causing unnessary harm and pain to the sheep.  If not done properly it can cause more bleeding, infection and death for the sheep.  If not done at all, many sheep would die from flystrike unless an alternative method is used which may be costly or involve using more chemicals.  One problem is that they are breeding sheep to have more skin so they produce more wool- then the flies get into the skin folds and cause more flystrike than if they were just “normal- skinned” sheep.  Greed!

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