Old Photos
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old photos


Does anyone still make a special occasion out of going out for ice cream?  Once T took me out on a date to Papa’s Deli in Crown Point, Indiana to buy me bubblegum ice cream.  We went back another day for sandwiches (the good homemade kind with fresh bread).  I’m pretty sure Papa’s Deli is still on the square in Crown Point.  DQ and Cold Stone just aren’t the same. 

39 selling chickens at farmers mkt

1939 Selling chickens at a farmer’s market.


1880 The Four Little Dudes


1908 That boy looks miserable. 


1910  Ever have a dollhouse?

1912 carrying dry goods box

1912 You just don’t see people carrying boxes like this down the street anymore.


I wish I could see the details better.  Love those little country stores.  My parents owned one of these in Indiana when I was growing up.  Everyone knew each other in town.  My dad bought our german shepherd off of our milkman.  My father also owned the town’s only gas station and my brothers worked there while the girls worked in the store.  This pic is like 60+ years older but my parents store had the same feel.

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