Cleaning, Organizing and Feng Shui
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Kitchen Tips

Prevent sticking: Heat the frying pan before adding oil or butter.  It’s guarnateed to keep food fom sticking.

Clogs: 1/2 cup pf baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain should do the trick. Wait until it foams then flush with hot water. 


Grate cleaner:  a toothbrush works great. 

Coupon keeping:  Use an envelope for the coupons you are going to use and write your grocery list on the back of the envelope.  That way you won’t forget them.  Or you could use what I do. I made a WalMart list document of all the items we use.  I keep it on a clipboard next to the fridge.  We write down items either there or on the dry erase board so when it is time to go our list is ready.  Coupons go right on the clipboard too.  I can’t upload it on here but if you want mine as a word document just post a comment and I’ll email it to you. 


Lunch Station: In a breadbox store all the non-perishable things you need for lunches- sandwich bags, brwon paper bags or your lunch tote, bread, cookies, even spare change for the kid’s treats. 

red dishes

Block boilover: Add a pat of butter or a little oil to your rice or pasta water to prevent boilover. 


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