Month: June 2009


Hot pink tub.  Nice! Sweet in a country sort of way.  My style for sure.  Cute storage ideas. I like the storage ideas.  Sideways baskets and vintage cannisters.  not a bathroom but love this wall for a bathroom This is so lovely.  Doesn’t it make you want to soak in a hot tub right now?

kitchens 1

bright and sunny kitchen high end working kitchen dining room organized kitchen cabinet vertical storage in kitchen IKEA storage for kitchen clean lines.  deep farmhouse sink.  stainless steel appliances.  white cabinets. pegboard storage modern kitchen lots of windows modern kitchen modern kitchen eait-in country kitchen with large center island

Kitchen Tips

Prevent sticking: Heat the frying pan before adding oil or butter.  It’s guarnateed to keep food fom sticking. Clogs: 1/2 cup pf baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain should do the trick. Wait until it foams then flush with hot water.    Grate cleaner:  a toothbrush works great.  Coupon keeping:  Use an envelope for the coupons you are going to use and write your grocery list on the back of the envelope.  That way you won’t forget them.  Or you could use what I do. I made a WalMart list document of all the items we use.  I keep it on a clipboard next to the fridge.  We write down items either there or on the dry erase board so when it is time to go our list is ready.  Coupons go right on the clipboard too.  I can’t upload it on here but if you want mine as a word document just post a comment and I’ll email it to you.  Lunch Station: In a breadbox store all the non-perishable …

how to make a paper crane

Ever wonder how to make a paper crane?  I think this would be really fun project to make a whole strand of these.  Check out the site below (Style Me Pretty) where I got this from for more inspiring ideas.     Some photos of paper crane from around the net: multicolored papercranes awesome paper crane light 1000 paper cranes (which means good luck) paper crane image strand of paper cranes teeny tiny paper cranes step by step directions: read this story about a Japanese girl who treid to fold 1000 paper cranes from her hospital bed: read the legend of folding 1000 paper cranes: Have fun folding paper cranes!!!  FeeFee