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It was a “good” day.  After travelling 4 days out of 6 it feels good to be home.  But I’m missing Timmy like crazy.  I know- I know- I raised a good boy.  He is doing a good thing.  He is strong, smart and independent.  I will always be his mom.  There is still a void here at home where he used to be.  His room is empty.  There is a piece of my heart that feels like it was ripped out.  I can’t help it. (We moved him to Colorado so he can attend med school there for those of you who don’t know)  Tim and I had a nice rest today.  Slept in.  Took a swim.  I got a little tan.  The pool water is 93 and perfect.  Made a nice supper- veggie burgers, garlic cauliflower and some cole slaw.  Getting ready to watch a movie.  Unpacked all of our stuff and washed the laundry.  It’s good to see the dogs after missing them for the past week.  (Thanks Angie for taking such good care of them!!! XO) I have to organize all of my work papers and go to AZ State Board of Nursing office tomorrow to get my license renewed.  Going to get a good night’s sleep.  It was good to be in our own bed again last night.  Colorado was beautiful.  We had a great time with our Aunt Gerrie and cousin Sue.  Timmy’s place is really nice.  He’s renting a condo.  It’s a 3rd floor unit with an elevator.  There is a nice pool for him to use.  He has 2 nice sky lights so it’s very bright in there, a large master bedroom, wood floors, a  fireplace and a little balcony.  I know he has to live his life and is making the right choice for him but I wish he could have gone to Midwestern (right down the street).  I hope that one day we will live close to one another so that we can be a part of his daily life.    I miss his smiling face. 


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