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Top 10 Myths about Neanderthals

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Eyzies-Musée-La Ferrassie

Read all 10 myths here:


The myth: Man is descended from Neanderthals

In fact, Neanderthals and modern men existed side by side as two separate groups. Recent DNA studies have found that the Neanderthals are a distinct evolutionary line – a line which was ultimately a dead end as they all died out around 30,000 years ago. The extinction of Neanderthals was most likely caused by slightly lower birth rates and higher mortality rates, combined with an increasingly unstable climate.


  1. I dont believe that they looked like that that is just a man dressed up as one because there was no cameras in the olden days so how could they of took that picture i dont get it. Because they have not even had cameras when my great gran was born and my great gran is 85 so i dont see how it was took. And it is such a clear picture how could they get that then so whoever made this site is just demented and they need to get a brain surgery and start thinking and just dint copy and paste things off the internet because some people have just made stuff up off the top of their head and took it . No effence by the way i didnt mean to be nasty to you sorry but i am just making a point about it .

    • omg. mianna. i didn’t know anyone could be so fucking stupid.

      they found a fucking skull and used clay to reconstruct the muscles and then used more clay to put skin on the muscles, thus making a face. THEN they use dna to figure out skin pigment and texture and hair color. THE END. its so fucking simple.

  2. indigo says

    Yeah, that was pretty stupid, what are you? eight? I mean come on! you don’t offense “effence”.
    You need to know what your talking about if you want to rant about how somebody is wrong.

    P.S Try to use some grammar.
    then again, over working your brain like that might fry it.

    • KC Smith says

      If you are going to chastise someone for poor grammar, you should know the difference between your and you’re. Perhaps trying to use some manners next time, also. In short: You need to know what you’re talking about if you want to rant about how somebody is wrong.

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