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This is very bad feng shui if you are a single person looking for love.  This room is totally set up for just one person.  Even the way the bed is made.  It looks like the other side isn’t even touched and there is not even easy access to it. 




I don’t know why but I LOVE looking at pics  of bedrooms.  I think bedrooms say a lot about a person.  It is such a personal space.  I think that people are either more creative in the bedroom or totally leave it plain.  I just find it so interesting.  I do not see this as a couple’s bedroom but a single lady’s bedroom. 



Very cozy and perfect for a young lady. 




This quilt is fab but my hubby would never go for it in our room.  Maybe one of the guest rooms. 74


I heart the Rocky poster :) and the celing medallion, and the cobalt blue wall. 


What is that thing hanging from the ceiling?  A baby bassinet? 



What do you think of the “lacey” wall? 


It looks like the big hand is going to clobber the little hand.  LOL


  1. So I LOVE the “single ladies” bedroom. The wall art is beautiful and the shelves that mimic a spiral stair case are fantastic. This is a great post! I agree, bedrooms are great fun to look at. I like imagining the people that would live in them.

  2. feefeern says

    Stay tuned- I have tons of bedrooms photos to share. :) Thanks so much for your comment! :)

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