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my first product review

Dr. Rey Shapewear Plunge Halter Bra

I have trouble finding bras that fit well and are comfortable.  I wear a full C or D and have trouble with straps that are too short and dig into my shoulders causing a lot of pain.   I either end up with sports type bras which just squish and aren’t flattering at all or ill-fitting bras that don’t really have the support I need.  It is also hard to find any bras in larger sizes that have adequate padding for shape and lift. 

I bought this Dr. Rey plunge bra and thought I would review on it because it fits really well and meets my needs.  The straps are nice and long which I love and pretty comfortable.  I cannot usually wear an underwire but don’t have any problems with this one.  It gives a really nice lift and looks great under any shirt.  My only one small complaint is that the shape is a tiny bit pointy.  Because it is a plunge/push up bra it is like wearing a soft shell that has it’s own shape.  It’s really great though.  There is no  nipple show through even under a thin tee shirt which is great.  I swear it looks like I had a surgical lift.  I’m going to get one in every color.  I can’t wait to try the shape wear.  The cleavage this bra creates looks just like it does on this model.   It has just the right amount of separation.   I purchased it at Sears.  I bought it in a size D.  They were having a 30% off sale so it was around 20.00 on sale I think. 

corset type waist slimmer with boning paired with the plunge bra

Dr. Rey Shapewear™ Smooth Slip

smoothing slip

Dr. Rey Shapewear™ Bottom Enhancer Step-In

bottom enhancer.  This is supposed to give you a flat belly and voluptuous  tushy without showing any lines or bulges.  It has some sort of no slip design on the legs.  You can also check it out at HSN and watch some before and after videos. 

Dr. Rey Shaping Swimwear™ Halter Swim Tank

This is a halter swim top Dr. Rey also makes.  He teamed up with a lingerie designer. 

Dr. Rey Shaping Swimwear™ Halter Swim Tank

another style of halter swim top

Dr. Rey Shaping Swimwear™ Shaping Bottom

the shaping bottom piece of the swimwear




It is normal for gravity to take over with age and with every child you have.  You cannot reverse time.  Get over it. 


You do not have to have plastic surgery to look good. 

If it doesn’t grow from the ground don’t eat it.  (quote from Dr. Rey)

Exercise. (not that I practice what I preach)

Invest in good lingerie.  It is amazing what good under clothes can do for your whole self image.  Not all shapewear is uncomfortable.  Try different styles and brands til you find one that fits your body well.  It should be comfortable, no bulges and make you feel great- not like you squeezed yourself into a sausage casing.  Try buying one larger size than you actually wear. 

Enjoy the body you have now!  10 years from now you’ll wish you were this young!

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