yep I’m a celebrity watcher (sometimes)

I came across one pic of Angelina and her kids and thought it would be a cute post.  She always looks so loving towards them,  She has said “My kids have brought me so much joy.  I want to make a better world for them.” 

maddox.jpg Angelina Jolie with son Maddox image by sasi2005

angelina_jolie-maddox.jpg angelina jolie w/maddox image by nlew

AngelinaMaddox1a.jpg Angelina Jolie gets a big kiss from her son Maddox. image by RivkaLC

Angelina Jolie 's twins  by by HOLLYWOOD KIDS.


the coordinates of where her kids were born in the world.

One thought on “yep I’m a celebrity watcher (sometimes)

  1. I just love her, some people think she’s crazy and creepy but I think she has just been honest with her feelings through all her life stages. In my opinion she’s amazing not to mention mesmerizingly beautiful!

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