Books and Nooks
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Books and Nooks 1

I have lots of photos to share of bookcases and reading nooks.  I hope you enjoy this set.  FeeFee


Don’t you love these sunny yellow doors? 


Great use of space if you don’t have a whole wall to devote to books. 






Loving the colors in this room- very “library” like.  I love that they can read in natural light.  Looks like a great spot. 



I really just liked the vintage curtain but had to file it somewhere.  heehee


Some people are so clever!  I would not have thought of using a plant stand for books (until now).  This would be nice for any corner of any room.  I’m going to keep my eye out for one at Goodwill.  I could also see this being used in a bthroom for different things like towels, tp, soap, etc. 



Simple but effective. 



Nice that they stacked them sideways to accomodate for the short shelves. 


 I heart this room.  I think the bookshelf is actually wallpaper.


  1. Maura says

    Oh my I love this post! I’m so sad it ended!! I heart books and have so many that my friends make fun of me and say I live in a library! I dont care tho cause I love having my books around me. I am looking for library designs for my new house and want more pictures! (hint hint) hahaha I def want to get a Zebra rug for the room but other than that I dont know!

  2. feefeern says

    Maura, I am not done with this post. I just started! I have LOTS more pics to come of books and nooks!

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