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Home Health Nursing

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Well, for anyone that might be wondering…I am loving home health nursing so far.  I am still in the “honeymoon phase” (as I call it when you first start a new job) and I am sure there will be some days that are harder than others but I really do like it a lot.  As a matter of fact, it is right up my alley!  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?   

I love going into people’s homes and talking to them one on one without the rushed feeling I had in the hospitals. I love that I can sit down on the couch with them in their living room and help them understand their illness and check up on them when they might not have anyone else to do it.  It makes me feel good.  :) 

I don’t mind the travel.  It is sunny every day here in AZ so it’s always a nice drive.  (Really hot here right now though). Traffic can get bad but I try to plan my visits to avoid rush hour which makes all the difference.  The nice thing is that I can make my own schedule for the most part.  I can take as many or few patients as I want and schedule them for what days I want to see them.  If I need a day off then I just don’t schedule patients that day.  The nurses work well together also.  Right now I’m caring for someone else’s patients while they are on vacation and tomorow I am picking up one visit from a nurse who couldn’t make it.  They are even paying me extra because the patients aren’t in my area. 

The people I work with are wonderful and so professional.  Everyone there likes working there- I can just tell.  I got a really nice compliment from my boss yesterday and she gave me a gas gift card for doing a good job at charting. 

I also like the independence this job gives me.   I do not have a dress code either so guess what?  Bye-bye scrubs.  I am convinced that scrubs are the most unflattering clothes a person can wear.  I feel like I’m wearing a potato sack every time I wear them.  (I’m sure I look like I’m wearing a potato sack…full of potatoes too!)

I feel very lucky and blessed to have found such an awesome place to work- especially after being laid off for too long!  I guess it is true- when one door closes another one opens.  FeeFee

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feefee nurse cute! (annette)

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