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Our anniversary


Yesterday Tim and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary of love.  I agreed to pick up one patient in the morning but she was such a sweet old lady and her daughter was so appreciative that it was worth doing on a Saturday and our anniversary.  And it turned out that she recommended the place where we went to eat lunch which was fabulous.  We went to Cave Creek (AZ) and browsed around their shops.  It was super hot out but still a lot of fun. 


We drove around looking at the different neighborhoods out there.  It is an absolutely gorgeous drive and the views are to die for.  Mountains everywhere.  I felt I was on vacation even though we were only a half an hour from home.   We saw some huge deer and I saw a big fat lizard.  Not the kind of lizards we have around our place.  The buck was so majestic just sitting under a shade tree in someone’s front yard while the doe wandered around slowly.  


We bought a really sweet old desk for T2’s room which is now a second guest room.  (Now we just need some guests!)  When we got home we both cleaned it up and set it up.  It is a smaller desk- perfect for a vanity.  All I need to do is put a mirror over it- which I will keep my eye out for now. 


The place we ate was a Mexican restaurant.  The food was really good.  I got a bean burrito and rice- nothing fancy- I don’t like too much spice in my food.  Tim got grilled fish tacos which he really liked a lot.  The restaurant was so quaint.  They had a duck pond.  The ducks came right up to us and I hand fed this big white goose a few times.  It was a very perfect day with the love of my life. 


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  1. Angela says

    Awww! Love this story. Happy 25th Anniversary! You are my new “marriage mentors”!!!!

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