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Take a little vacation in your mind with this gorgeous photos I found online of beautiful Bali. 

Bali 025

Bali 019

Bali 027

Bali 039

Bali 040

bali cafe by brie2







bali beach

I was wondering if Bali is safe considering there has been some problems in Indonesia so I looked it up.  Here is one answer: 

 Crowds-wise, there are a couple of small areas you might want to avoid. Kuta Beach is like an international Animal House, populated in large part by very friendly and heartily partying Australians. The second is Denpasar, a commercial center. The rest of the island, especially Ubud and the northern coast, is terrific. So if your resort happens to be located in the very expensive resort enclave near Denpasar, I urge you not to let it shield you from the true treasures of Bali.

Is it safe to explore? Probably not as safe as playing in the backyard. On the other hand, what a life-changing experience you’ll give to your children by exposing them to such a unique part of the planet.

With respect to personal security, I consider the island to be extremely safe. The locals are amazingly friendly, and Bali seems immune from the violence of its island neighbors. Of course, violence is never predictable and can spill over into any of the world’s peaceful regions. Check with the State Department before you go and be somewhat alert to local news while you’re there.

Now, what about health? Surely a resort in Bali is one of the safest destinations anywhere in Asia. Nevertheless, talk with a travel medicine doctor and/or the Centers for Disease Control before you go. Ask about things like malaria, dengue fever, and meningitis.

A resort should provide you with purified bottled water. It should wash vegetables in pure water. It should, but it may not. Ask questions. Err on the side of caution. So long as a traveler uses common sense, Bali is low risk from a health standpoint. When you travel away from your resort, of course, be much more cautious about what you eat and drink. No exceptions, especially for children.

A couple suggestions: If you have a bit of time, you and the children might enjoy the neighboring island of Lomboc, reached by a pleasant boat trip. If you really want to explore Indonesia, one of the most diverse and interesting countries in Asia, the Garuda air pass is a must. And as always, you can book your trip with GORPtravel.




If you are planning a trip you might want to “ask the expert.”  This guy really seems to know his stuff.  http://gorp.away.com/gorp/location/expert/features/bio.htm


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