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I might have accidentally killed a lil fatty


We have these little ground squirrels in Arizona- Tim and I call them lil fatties. 

Well, one of them decided to make a home in our front yard right by our front door.  For a few days we just kept covering up the hole and it kept digging it again.  It makes a mess by pushing up the dirt onto the sidewalk.  Plus, it is really close to the house and we don’t want it coming in.  And, the holes it makes are small but the tunnels underneath can get large and the ground can collapse right under your feet.  So today I looked up natural ways to get rid of them.  I found out if you pour water into the hole and keep the jug on top of the hole they are supposed to come out to keep from drowning and then- BOOM- you catch them in the jug and release them into the wild. 

Well, Tim and I poured water in the hole and the lil fatty never came out.  :(   (some ground did collapse too)


A) He wasn’t home or

B) We drowned him!!!! 

We covered up the hole and will see what happens later.  Poor Lil fatty.  They are really cute.  But we definitely don’t want them living in our yard so close to our house.  They can make holes everywhere and cause a big problem. 


I’ll keep you posted. 


We also have these in Arizona but the burrow is too small for this guy.  This is a Prarie dog which is in the same family as the ground squirrel.


These are “Big Fatties”



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