1. Oooh! The whole time I was scrolling down through this post I was thinking “This is the picture I am going to comment on because I like it best”. I got to the bottom and realized I thought it about every single one. All the rooms are absolutely gorgeous. The white is so fresh and inviting. Wonderful post!

  2. feefeern says

    I love her site. The pics are all so summery and fresh looking. Isn’t blogging fun???

  3. Her site is lovely!! Blogging is so much fun. Although, I’m not sure how good it is for my wallet, I always just want to buy everything.

  4. feefeern says

    Margaux, I know what you mean because I’m on a tight budget. Instead of buying the expensive things, I like to get ideas from them and find creative, inexpenisve ways to achieve a similar look. I do that with clothes too. I like to buy certain items from thrift shops and then I can spend my money on accessories like purses and jewelry or a nice sweater or something that I know I’ll reuse again for many years. I find that blogging actually reduces my urge for shopping. It feels like “fake shopping” to me. I just walk away with ideas instead of stuff. :) feefee

  5. Well that’s a wonderful way to go about blogging! Deal with the desire to shop, but not waste any money. I like it :)

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