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You may think I have a lot of time on my hands to do a post on squirrels and you may be right.  I only had one patient today.  I have one at 8pm tonight then work tomorrow though.  I am easily entertained.  Maybe you are too?  See below:

sq family picture day

Squirrel Family Picture Day


Shutterbug Squirrel

squirel stapler


squirrel fence

squirrel gangster

Gangster Squirrel

squirrel pimp

Pimp squirrel

squirrel shampoo


Squirrel Powers


Perfume Sampler Squirrel

sq banjo

sq friends

sq glam

Glam Squirrel

OK now I want a squirrel so I can dress it up. 

sq mad

sq ninja

sq nuts

sq slma dunk

sq spray tan

sq spy

Spy Squirrel


Hungry Shy Squirrel

sq tasty

Tasty Squirrel

sq wants a date

Lonely Squirrel

sq wqannabe


wannabe squirrel

sq super

Super Squirrel

sq army

Army Squirrel- look he has a medal!

sq beach

Beach Squirrel

sq coffee

sq muscle


sq bride

sq magic makin

sq statue

sq thirsty

sq seceet

sq pirate

sq naked


sq disney world

Disney World Squirrel


You can find Sugar Bush the Squirrel who likes to get dressed up and have his or her picture taken here:  (many more cute pics) http://www.sugarbushsquirrel.com/


    • Hello, Feefee,
      I just happened to stumble onto your blog here while doing an image search for Squirrels. We are caring for a Fox Squirrel who has become my buddy. Plan is to release him back to the outdoors in April or May.
      Mean while, I have grown to know this little guy quite well and he has grown to know and trust me.
      He allows me to do almost anything with him. Pick him up….. play with him….. he even jumps on our large house cat!
      He bites me only if he has a whole nut in his mouth….. and even then, the nip is not severe! Otherwise, he is very gentle with my hands and fingers.
      He is a great little guy and I have become very fond of him!

      Are you caring for these animals yourself? Feeding/watching them? Etc?
      Just curious!


      • feefeern says

        Hi Rick! I don’t have a squirrel but we used to really enjoy watching our elderly neighbor Anna feed them regularly. She was able to get them to come to her and got them a bit tame. The only thinkg I want to caution you about is that if you get it too tame (it sounds like you did) it may not survive in the wild! Normally, their Mama will teach them how to get survive. If your squireel hasn’t learned survival skills you might want to consider keeping it or finding a squirrel rescue or something like that. We live in Arizona and adopted a desert tortoise. You can see pics here.

        Good luck! If you send me a phot I will put it on my blog! FeeFee

  1. Elizabeth Curin says

    I absolutely loved the pictures. My hats off to ya. Lol. My boyfriend loves squirrels and i think you have made him very happy. LOL. Thank you!

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  3. Keith Stone says

    incredibly awesome. We have a team in our fantasy football league called the squirrels, and I am always scouring the web to find the best squirrel pics. I have now found it! Thank You…

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