Month: January 2010

Product Review Maybelline

I ran out of my Make Up Forever Foundation.  When I went to go buy it I found out they replaced the one I usually get with the “PhotoFinish” formula.  I tried it but didn’t like it as well.   It’s not a bad foundation but I felt it was almost too sheer.  It didn’t cover imperfections as well as the old formula.  Wandering around Walgreens I thought I’d give Maybelline a try.  I bought the Dream Liquid Mousse foundaton and tried it last week.    Went on great, very smooth finish, color was perfect and felt like silk (though a tad heavy feeling).  However, it made my normal to oily skin break out like crazy.  At first it didn’t occur to me that it was the foundation but the more I used it the more breakouts I got.  When discontinued my skin started healing immediately.  Cost 9.50 plus a week of broken-out skin.  So my recommendation for this product falls under the “oh HELL no!”  category.   Use at your own risk!  0 stars!  Sooooo I went to …

yoga and belly dancing

I’m thinking about taking up yoga and belly dancing this year.  Check out these inspiring photos and the really cool clothes you get to wear! You go ol’ girl!  love the slogan- power from within! scorpion pose upward abdominal lock I love these hip scarves.  doesn’t this look like fun? practice costumes