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never too thin?

I was looking for inspiration on losing weight.  Did you know that there are tons of websites that focus on super thin/anorexic people as their inspiration?  It is called Thinspiration.  There used to be a saying that you can never be too thin (or  too rich).  Take a look and you decide if that is true. 



  1. I find most of these painful to look at, rather than inspirational – like skeletons covered with skin. But yet I’m still trying to get thinner myself! Completely inconsistent.

    • feefeern says

      I know what you mean. I want to lose weight too. I don’t feel good when I am overweight even by 10 pounds. If you look at the fashion websites you can find a lot of people who look just like this. I just assembled them on one page which made it more shocking. I do think they are too thin but honestly, I don’t want to wear fat clothes. If I look at “full figured” models, I don’t want to look like that. I guess that makes me “kinda” like those women but wouldn’t take it to that extreme. I was just telling my husband that it seems like when I diet I have to be obsessed with every morsal that goes into my mouth in order for it to work. That is how I think some people get “trapped” in that cycle and become anorexic. I don’t know how many times I’ve lost weight and gained. In order to stay thin you constanly have to be aware of your food choices. It’s crazy really! Still, I will never be “happy in my own skin” when I’m fat!

  2. You’re right. Being aware of your food choices is obsessive and not very interesting – but the only thing that actually works. Being happy in your own skin doesn’t make the skin any more slender, sadly. Not for me anyway. I’m reading Mimi Spencer’s 101 Things to do Before you Diet – cool on having a good attitude, dressing well and not obsessing. But you kind of still need to diet to get any thinner. Your brain could overheat just straightening out all that contradictory stuff.

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