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First Elephant born in Australia.  His name is Luk Chai which means Son or Triumph. Welcome to the world Luk Chai!

Attempting to get up for the first time.


“Say Whaaaat?”

These are all Asian Elephants.  Asian Elephants are on the endangered species list.  Please don’t ever go to a circus that uses elephants as part of their act.


Elephants can recongnize each other from the sound of their calls.

Elephants engage in greeting ceremonies when a friend who has been away for some time returns to the group.

A full grown elephant can weight 10,000 pounds and poop 80 pounds in a day!

If a baby elephant grumbles all of the elephants will go over and touch and caress him to soothe him.

Elephants are plant eaters.

Elephants cry and play and mourn.

Elephants need to be with their mom the first 4 years of their life.   Many babies stay with their moms until adolescence and females may stay with their mom their whole life.

If a baby elephant is taken away from his mom he will suck on his trunk like a baby sucks his thumb.  He will have nightmares and cry in the night.

Elephants need many acres to roam.  In the circus they are often changed with leg shackles in a small space which allows them to only take one step forward or back.

Elephants used in the circus are beaten, shocked, and whipped—over and over again—in order to make them perform tricks that are often painful and confusing to them.  And…the bullhooks are used on their sensitive areas such as their feet and behind their head.

African Elephant sucking it’s trunk

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