Month: November 2012


I just watched Titanic (again).  It is just as moving the 5th or 6th time watching as it was the first.  Maybe more because I get to see all the little details that are sometimes missed in a movie so awesome and rich with characters  story and scenery alike. As the boat was going down and they showed all the people- some still clinging on to their suitcases, money and belongings, some clinging to each other, the couple who stayed in the bed, the mother who read to her children one last time, the captain who went down with his ship and the many who were scrambling to survive- I wondered what I would do in a situation like that.  Would I be grace under fire or scramble for my life?  Would I accept my fate as death and be at peace? I felt so sad when Jack died.  They were so young.  And so many real young people died in the real Titanic.  Such a tragedy. But as a love story it was truly beautiful. …

The library

  I love libraries.  I can spend hours and hours there and feel like no time has passed at all.  I love the smell of the books; the older the better, the cozy chairs in quiet corners, people whispering.  I love knowing that I have the world at my fingertips in books.  I can go anywhere in the world, learn anything I want, feel anything I want to feel by picking up the right books.  I love that I can do all of this for free- anytime I want.  One of the simple pleasures of the world I truly enjoy.  I especially enjoy going with my hubby.  We can both pick out our own books and just sit there together experiencing something together but separately without having to say a word.  There’s no place like it. via


Hi there!  I haven’t used this blog in a long time but I visited it today and noticed that WordPress made several changes that I like! I am so excited about them that I decided to use this blog again!  I hope to see some people from Pinterest here too!  I love comments so please let me know what your thoughts are on my posts.  Hugs, FeeFee