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We’re moving to Colorado!


I haven’t posted here in a LONG time.  I have some updates now though.  Hubby and I are moving from Arizona to Colorado!  I am so excited to be moving closer to our son.  We have spent the past week planning our move and packing.  We found a cute little house to rent that has a nice fenced in yard for the dogs.


They’ve never been in the cold before and haven’t seen snow so they are in for a bit of a surprise.  It’s still in the triple digits here.  In 10 days from now it will be 30-40 degrees colder.  Wait.  I might be in  for a bit of a surprise!

Hubby has a second interview coming up for a teaching job and I was just contacted by a recruiter so the job hunt is going fairly well so far.

The little house we found has some nice trees on the property, grassy yard in front and back, wood floors and has an open concept.  It is a 1940’s brick house with a little fireplace.  We are looking forward to getting back into gardening, cooler weather, being near T2, exploring Denver and the rest of Colorado, spending more time outdoors.  We are going to have a fire pit in our back yard.  We are looking forward to walking the dogs in the new neighborhood and getting to know our neighbors.

With this move also comes some new ideas and habits I want to have.  I’ve been reading some good books that have really helped me to learn more about myself.  I’m excited to be only 2 miles from the zoo, near lots of ethnic restaurants and city activities.  T and I are thinking of joining a yoga class.

Have you ever been to Colorado?  What did you like about it?

Hugs, FeeFee


  1. Elisabeth says

    Good luck to you on your move to Colorado! Your doggies will adjust fine…my daughter moved from New Orleans to Indiana and brought her 2 Nola doggies…it was funny to watch them walk out into the snow for the first time…poor little puppies, they looked stunned, but have adjusted well now!

    • feefeern says

      Thank you! We had our first snow here! Doggies are doing “ok.” They do not like to go potty outside when it is COLD! A coworker told me that they will be playing in the snow once they get used to it. Can’t wait to see that!

  2. Good luck with your re-location. Sounds like a really cute place. I haven’t been to Colorado per-say but I’ve been to the Denver Airport countless times. It’s a stop hub from where will live. Your little fur friends will love the yard.

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