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I was called a racist today

I liked a video tutorial  (see photo above and click link here for the tut ) which resulted in a dialogue with another Instagram user. It ended by her calling me a racist if I adopted this look.  You can see it all in the comments if you go to the post (if they are not deleted by now). I have always loved and admired super curly hair ever since I laid eyes on Diana Ross as a kid. (I actually have been collecting some pics of Diana Ross and there’s a post coming soon about her.) I am white and my hair is naturally straight. I mean SUPER straight. I don’t have to flat iron it to achieve that look. It doesn’t even have the slightest hint of a wave. No body to it, flat-against-my-head straight.  Not even a cowlick. I don’t hate it. It has its advantages too. I love that is is super soft and silky.  I love that it rarely frizzes. I love that,  when I have the right cut,  I …

Product Review Maybelline

I ran out of my Make Up Forever Foundation.  When I went to go buy it I found out they replaced the one I usually get with the “PhotoFinish” formula.  I tried it but didn’t like it as well.   It’s not a bad foundation but I felt it was almost too sheer.  It didn’t cover imperfections as well as the old formula.  Wandering around Walgreens I thought I’d give Maybelline a try.  I bought the Dream Liquid Mousse foundaton and tried it last week.    Went on great, very smooth finish, color was perfect and felt like silk (though a tad heavy feeling).  However, it made my normal to oily skin break out like crazy.  At first it didn’t occur to me that it was the foundation but the more I used it the more breakouts I got.  When discontinued my skin started healing immediately.  Cost 9.50 plus a week of broken-out skin.  So my recommendation for this product falls under the “oh HELL no!”  category.   Use at your own risk!  0 stars!  Sooooo I went to …

try this site

This site is great.  Lots of recommendations on products. I think it IS fabulous!  FeeFee excerpt: covergirl outlast lipstain Miss Zoe is back with some fffabulous beauty recommendations—didn’t you like her recos on the Transformation Face Cream by Jan Marini and DERMAdoctor Physical Chemistry? This time, she tells us all about her crush on the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain, and we can’t wait to try it out! “I sometimes wear lipstick at work or out to dinner, but ten minutes later it’s worn off and I forget to reapply. I’d heard some good buzz about this new CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain and its variety of colours, and to be honest I’m a sucker for Drew Barrymore endorsed products, so the last time I was at Target with my sis I picked one up. Boy is the term ‘stain’ accurate! Having minimal patience, I applied the stain in the parking lot using my sister’s sunglasses as a mirror. Her feedback was ‘you might want a little chapstick on first before you do that next time’. She was …

Beautiful Indian Brides

I have never been to an Indian wedding but would like to attend one day.  Here are some beautiful photos today of some gorgeous Indian brides.  I think she’s going to have a healthy sex life!  LOL  Either that or she is a beginner and can use her cheat sheet as a guide.  :) Their cakes are as colorful and elaborate as their dresses detail of cake frosting

40’s hair

 I’m going to wear my hair like this!  I can almost get it into a victory roll but it is just a tad too short.  I’m definitely doing some variations of this gorgeous 40’s pin up look.  I love it!   I love this pic of Rita Hayworth.  This is the victory roll I want to do.  A flower on the side would be perfect.