car organization

Toys on the Go Backseat Organizer

 Car Seat Protector

Stay-Put Photochromic Car Shades

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Product Image

39.99 from Target

Junk in the Trunk

cooler from:

for all that junk in your trunk!

swing awayt

I really like this one from here:

You can swing it to the front then swing it to the back when not in use. 


same source as above


same source as above

travel stuff from container store

Mia Zippered Tote









Mia tote 27.99 I like the different pockets for snacks, magazines, camera, water, all those extras that don’t fit in your purse.  Put a little neck pillow in there and you’d be all set for your trip. 

Medallion Tote








Medallion bag 9.99 cute waterproof bag made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Eagle Creek Pack-It Stuff Sacks








Eagle Creek Pack It Stuff Sacks  Set of three 21.99 

Eagle Creek Zipper Pulls








Eagle Creek Zipper Pulls- great for luggage to make your luggage stand out from others and to easily use the zipper.  4.99

Kitchen Tips

Prevent sticking: Heat the frying pan before adding oil or butter.  It’s guarnateed to keep food fom sticking.

Clogs: 1/2 cup pf baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain should do the trick. Wait until it foams then flush with hot water. 


Grate cleaner:  a toothbrush works great. 

Coupon keeping:  Use an envelope for the coupons you are going to use and write your grocery list on the back of the envelope.  That way you won’t forget them.  Or you could use what I do. I made a WalMart list document of all the items we use.  I keep it on a clipboard next to the fridge.  We write down items either there or on the dry erase board so when it is time to go our list is ready.  Coupons go right on the clipboard too.  I can’t upload it on here but if you want mine as a word document just post a comment and I’ll email it to you. 


Lunch Station: In a breadbox store all the non-perishable things you need for lunches- sandwich bags, brwon paper bags or your lunch tote, bread, cookies, even spare change for the kid’s treats. 

red dishes

Block boilover: Add a pat of butter or a little oil to your rice or pasta water to prevent boilover. 


zen habits

I hope you enjoy these articles.  Have a wonderful day!  FeeFee



a very nice link with recipes and articles to help you live a more zen life:


many more articles by the same author:

popular posts by catergory:

excerpt from Tips for Living in the Moment:

It takes practice. But it can be achieved at times. To help inspire you to live in the moment, here are 5 great examples:

  1. Children. There’s no one better at being present than a child. I love to watch my three-year-old son, Seth, as he plays. He’s not thinking about what happened to him yesterday, or what he’s going to do later today. He’s Spiderman, and he’s fighting the bad guys, and nothing else in the world exists. If he gets mad about something, he overreacts, and nothing else in the world matters but what has upset him. But he’ll cry about it, and then soon return to normal, happy again, the offending situation forgotten without a grudge. He has no cares about tomorrow, and for that, I love to watch him. We need to use children as inspiration, and try to be like them sometimes. Jesus instructed us, “Be as a child,” and those were wise words.
  2. Cats. I also like watching my cat, Riddle. He thinks he’s a lion. He’ll stealthily stalk an insect or lizard, as if he’s hidden in tall grass on the savanna, and then he pounces and attacks. You know he’s not thinking about what he had for breakfast or what furniture needs to be clawed to shreds later in the day. Cats (and other animals) are all about the Now. Be like a cat.
  3. My wife and dessert. My wife Eva really knows how to eat dessert. Actually, of all the people I know, she may be the best at being in the moment, completely. She can really enjoy something, with all of her being. I’ve learned how to eat dessert by watching her — while I tend to gobble something quickly, Eva closes her eyes, and slowly puts a spoon of ice cream in her mouth. She savors the flavor, the texture, the coolness, the sweetness, the chocolateness of it. Eva enjoys things more than most human beings, and she inspires me. The next time you eat something, try not to think about anything else, not to read, not to talk to someone — just experience the food.
  4. Zen sweeper. It’s been said that the only two jobs of a Zen monk are sitting zazen (meditation) and sweeping. Cleaning is one of the daily rituals of a Zen monk, one of their most important daily practices. They sweep or rake, and they try to do nothing else. They aren’t thinking about being in a Zen state — the Zen state is the sweeping. The next time you’re doing housework (or anything, really), try concentrating on the housework, on the dust, on the motion, on the sensation. See this interesting article for more on this.
  5. Yourself, lost in something. You’ve been in the moment plenty of times. Can you remember a time when you lost yourself in a task? Not lost in thought, but lost in the doing of the task itself — you were concentrating fully, you thought of nothing else. The world disappeared. It might have been work — you might have achieved that state of mind known as “flow” — or it could have been a hobby, playing sports, yardwork, fixing something, anything. Try to remember a time like that, and replicate it.