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Organize your space!

travel stuff from container store

                Mia tote 27.99 I like the different pockets for snacks, magazines, camera, water, all those extras that don’t fit in your purse.  Put a little neck pillow in there and you’d be all set for your trip.                Medallion bag 9.99 cute waterproof bag made from recycled plastic bottles.                Eagle Creek Pack It Stuff Sacks  Set of three 21.99                Eagle Creek Zipper Pulls- great for luggage to make your luggage stand out from others and to easily use the zipper.  4.99

Kitchen Tips

Prevent sticking: Heat the frying pan before adding oil or butter.  It’s guarnateed to keep food fom sticking. Clogs: 1/2 cup pf baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain should do the trick. Wait until it foams then flush with hot water.    Grate cleaner:  a toothbrush works great.  Coupon keeping:  Use an envelope for the coupons you are going to use and write your grocery list on the back of the envelope.  That way you won’t forget them.  Or you could use what I do. I made a WalMart list document of all the items we use.  I keep it on a clipboard next to the fridge.  We write down items either there or on the dry erase board so when it is time to go our list is ready.  Coupons go right on the clipboard too.  I can’t upload it on here but if you want mine as a word document just post a comment and I’ll email it to you.  Lunch Station: In a breadbox store all the non-perishable …

zen habits

I hope you enjoy these articles.  Have a wonderful day!  FeeFee   a very nice link with recipes and articles to help you live a more zen life: many more articles by the same author: popular posts by catergory: excerpt from Tips for Living in the Moment: It takes practice. But it can be achieved at times. To help inspire you to live in the moment, here are 5 great examples: Children. There’s no one better at being present than a child. I love to watch my three-year-old son, Seth, as he plays. He’s not thinking about what happened to him yesterday, or what he’s going to do later today. He’s Spiderman, and he’s fighting the bad guys, and nothing else in the world exists. If he gets mad about something, he overreacts, and nothing else in the world matters but what has upset him. But he’ll cry about it, and then soon return to normal, happy again, the offending situation forgotten without a grudge. He has no cares about tomorrow, and …

Everybody Feng Shui tonight!

WOW!  This is the cleanest bookshelf I have ever seen!  Is this too neat?  Anal even?  Since Gray Gardens (which I missed since we didn’t have that channel- doh!) there has been a lot of talk about hoarders on the internet.  Apt Therapy did a post on it and had a whole series of blogs about clearing spaces out.  I have copied part of their article below.  I have the book they mention (Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui) and highly recommend it.  I think there are definitely extremes to anything and one can be too organized for their own good (think Monk).  We all have to find a balance we feel comfortable with.  For me, there are some days I just don’t feel like cleaning.  It will be there tomorrow.  I’m not going to knock myself out over a clean house or stress about dishes in the sink.  I do know that for me personally though, a lot of clutter creates an uneasiness in me.  I really do believe there is something to feng …

Attn: DIYers

I live in a desert so it gets REALLY dusty here.  Plus we have wood floors which need to be cleaned constantly especially when we are living indoors and out dragging dust in with us.   The swiffer comes in handy but the refills are expensive.  I LOVE this idea to make your own.  You can make several and just throw them in the washing machine.  I’m going to try this using an old lightweight fleece blanket we don’t use anymore.  Very very exciting!  Does anyone have ideas for an inexpensive everyday wood floor cleaner?  I currently use the all purpose Pledge or Swiffer spray but again, it is expensive.  I don’t want to use anything too oily because our wood gets too slick.  I need something just a little moist to pick up all the dust particles though.  I like it to smell fresh too.  FeeFee   Found here:

List maker?

(Looking for backsplash ideas I came across this cool modern kitchen- I like this sink too!)    Are you a list maker?  I am.  Most days it is just a mental list of things I need to do that day but oftentimes I write it all down.  Especially the house ideas.  Here are some things on my to do lists.  Today: 1. Call doctor’s office and pick up prescriptions. 2. Make a grocery list and grocery shop (I am a very unsuccessful grocery shopper without one and will come home with a bunch of “half meals” and snacks so I have  taken the time to make one on Word with all the frequently purchased items.  All I have to do is print it out and check things off). 3. Apply for 3 jobs. (I already know which ones- the search was done) 4. Start cleaning the garage. 5. Make Tim’s BD card. 6. Be sure to stretch. (My lower back and hamstrings are getting super tight) 7. Cover the outdoor lounge cot with fabric. 8. Call Mom.   (Sweet little …