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Photo fun (again)

Having fun with Poladroid.  You can download it from and convert your regular pics into faux polaroids.   I have a flickr account but haven’t posted anything yet.  Maybe I’ll put these up.  Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Buster and Francine.  Inside looking out. Buster Pretty sunset in our backyard. Somewhere by the Grand Canyon- taken by Timmy or Anna Grand Canyon (all the Grand Canyon pics were taken by Timmy or Anna 2008) Grand Canyon Timmy- Phoenix, AZ 2008 another shot of  the pretty sky from the backyard Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon   Isn’t that very cool?  Go have fun with your photos now!  FeeFee

I found my haircut

I found a great pic I am going to take in to the salon for my next haircut.  It will be great for summer.  Great for straight hair like mine.  I am also going back to my natural dark brown color.    I found this pic here:  (The French Elle magazine online- check it out.  You can have it translated into English)   T2 with his BD cake last night.  It was Cold Stone cake and ice cream.  Sweet cream ice cream with cookie dough pieces and extra cake batter ice cream on the side.  Because you can never have enough cold stone ice cream on your birthday!  Pics T2 and I took of Buster yesterday.  That tongue is so cute!  Look at his hair on top.  heehee Update on Buster:  He has Valley Fever in his brain.  We found out when he had some life threatening seizures back in November.  We almost lost him!  He has to be on antifungal medication for a year.  (He takes it twice a day and knows when it …