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FeeFee loves…

  this room this haircut this antique milkglass bracelet red lips, pale skin these salmon chairs this wallpaper this desk these ice cubes this peacock pillow this chain table these chairs this clipboard this “tattooed” table this lounge chair this entryway and this one too this painting and this one this casual chic look this amazing photograph this amazing “thorn” ring vintage shoes this scarf these booties this pendant this sweater jacket lilacs and mercury glass

highly recommended

This website helps you make a budget.  It is VERY user friendly and totally confidential.  You put your account information in and it will make graphs for you of your spending patterns and AUTOMATICALLY update your information as you pay your bills and spend money.  Tim and I just created our account and LOVE it.  It will tell you when your bills are due and everything.  BEST budget site I’ve seen and it is totally free.  You can even have the info sent to two separate email accounts so you and your spouse can both get alerts. (You choose the alerts). Even if you don’t want to do the budget (I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to at least try it), you can go to their blog for money saving tips. Happy Saving! FeeFee

80’s Purple- New Items

New and Lovely from 80’s Purple!  $84 $32 Diesel $100 $69 $200 $353 $180 $250   $30 $65 $46 $200  $300 $111 $31 $42 $72 $199 $176 $176 necklace no!  I would not use it as a toothpick.  $15 $70 $93 I love the pink zipper $81 If I could…I would!    Instead I’ll take a tankini.  from DollyDagger This one is cute too.  From VitaminA the last 2 are not from 80’s purple- everything else is.   80’s Purple

shoestring home I think this shop is so flippin’ cute.  (My sister Cherie doesn’t know it- til now- but I’ve been making fun of her for saying flippin’ behind her back.  One day she called me really mad and she said it like 6 times.  lol) and of course they have a blog I love this.  I would love this to be my summer set.  It is so VERY different from any other linens I’ve ever had on my bed.  Tim would hate it.  :( I think this polka dot collection is fabulous!  :)  What a wonderful way to end your day.  I love ruffles.  Vintage button hairpins antiqued silvery votives adorable chandelier such a cute bag this one too- I might even try adding ruffles to a plain tote myself.  This is a little bird rattle for baby snowflake votives on clearance 35.00 for 3