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oh so pretty!

Found these pretties today at a new-to-me blog called Creme de la Creme. This beautiful lampshade and some items below are available at her shop.  There is a link below to the blog where I am sure you can find links to the shop.   I love this enameled dogware and these iced tea glasses. Isn’t this a wonderful idea? I remember covering my books in brown paper as a kid.  Never covered them in newpaper though.  Woudn’t it be nice to have nothing to do but read magazines and sip on iced tea all day?  I have a day off tomorrow and I think this is what I’ll do.  My all time favorite flower- purple lilacs. creme de la creme You can have it translated with google reader.

link love

I am loving this site and thought I’d share.  It is chock full of free printable vintage art. Here’s a sampling:   Of course I like this one with a nurse in it.  It reminds me of a little figurine my mom gave to me.  hey diddle diddle- great for a child’s room there are tons of pics like this on this site- shells, birds, animals of all kinds, flowers this one is called school rules

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